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Support: What’s it all about anyway?

After an event earlier this week, I thought it might be a good idea to write about support and what I think good support should be. The definition of support, according to, is to sustain a person under trial or affliction.  In this case, autism and the many issues that go along with it …

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Good, now quit yelling at my son!

The challenge of dealing with teachers Sometimes it can be such a challenge to deal with teachers when you have a special needs child.  This is especially true at the beginning of the year because the teacher does not know your child and there’s a growing pain period until the teacher learns more about your …

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Birth of a boy named Caleb and memories

This time 12 years ago I was at Wilford Hall Medical Center in San Antonio where I had just given birth to a wonderful boy we named Caleb.  Little did we know the journey that would be ahead. My pregnancy with Caleb was fairly normal until about a month before he was due.  Right before …

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Whiny Wednesday and other important stuff

The TV’s not working Last week my son said the TV upstairs wasn’t working and I didn’t think much of it because I rarely watch TV.  That’s because I’m too busy spending time on Facebook.  Anyway, we tried to reset the set-top box and tried troubleshooting to no avail.  So, on Sunday I thought perhaps …

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“The Big A. The Gift that Keeps on Giving.”

Autism is no picnic Having a child on the spectrum is no picnic.  Even if your child is high functioning there are still many hills to climb, assorted obstacles to normalcy.  One of those challenges is social skills. The Early Years When my son was a toddler he preferred to play by himself.  I’d go …

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Getting Ready to Put on the Warrior Mom Cape, Again

We’ve all donned our Warrior Mom capes when it comes to our children.  Fighting for what they need at school, calling out the bullies at the neighborhood pool, calling the Services Squadron commander when the summer camp program let my daughter crisp fry to a crackly crunch at the beach, telling the doctor that they …

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Guest blog: My 12-Step Plan for 2013 “Mom’s Peace Promise”

Today I bring you a guest blogger. This lady is a wonderful leader, mentor, military officer and all-around great person.  She never ceases to amaze me and make me smile. A New Year’s must-read, particularly for all parents and all military: Our blogger who is deployed in Kyrgyzstan, Col. Shirlene DelaCruz Santiago Ostrov, resolves …

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Not Everyone Has a Good Attitude about the Real Meaning of Christmas

The other morning I woke up and was looking at my Facebook notifications when I saw one from my niece that said something to the effect of, “Don’t tag me in this bullshit stuff again!”  Uh-oh.  I knew I didn’t tag her in anything, but the next notification down revealed that my sister had tagged …

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Case of the Stinky Brussels Sprouts

Pork roast was a normal Sunday dinner in our house when I was growing up.  My Mom would cook it with sauerkraut and serve with “gluey” mashed potatoes.  Just sitting here as I write this it makes my mouth water. This summer when I was home my Mom cooked a pork roast and my daughter …

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