Birth of a boy named Caleb and memories


This time 12 years ago I was at Wilford Hall Medical Center in San Antonio where I had just given birth to a wonderful boy we named Caleb.  Little did we know the journey that would be ahead.

My pregnancy with Caleb was fairly normal until about a month before he was due.  Right before Christmas 2000 I spent a couple of nights in the hospital and after that I had to go once a week for fetal monitoring.  He was a stubborn little guy.  I’m not sure if I can really say little — he was just shy of 10 pounds when he was born, 9 lbs, 15.4 ounces to be exact.  He was due towards the end of January but decided to stay in his safe, warm place for almost another two weeks.

Little did we know that we wouldn’t find out until almost six years later that Caleb is on the autism spectrum (that’s a story for another post).

He’s a wonderful boy who inherits his stubbornness from both of his parents.  He loves almost any kind of video game — although he doesn’t always understand that they are meant to be challenging and becomes frustrated when he can’t get past a certain level.  

Caleb likes to give hugs and he gives good ones. He loves sweets and a lot of other foods he is not supposed to have.  He likes watching TV, fishing, camping with his Dad, going to Chuck E. Cheese and Golden Corral (which doesn’t happen very often), and he loves going to the pool in the summer. He also likes playing with the blood pressure cuff and stethoscope at the doctor’s office.  I’d like to think he might be a doctor someday, but he doesn’t like school that much.

When Caleb was young I put him in his crib for bed with one of the board books only to go upstairs later to find he had fallen asleep with it over his face.  I wish I would have taken a picture but I was afraid it would wake him up.  I have to wonder if that’s one of the reasons he doesn’t like reading.

One time he fell down the stairs at our house in Hawaii.  Luckily they were carpeted.  Well, it scared the crap out of my husband and I and I think Caleb was startled initially.  Then, the next thing you know he asked, “Can I go on that ride again?”

One of my fondest memories of Caleb is from when we were walking back home from the Hickam Officers’ Club one night and he looked up into the starry Hawaiian sky and declared, “Beautiful.”  I remember being amazed because I’m pretty sure he wasn’t yet 3 years old.

A few others of Caleb’s most memorable moments include when he was chatting up the teenage girls waiting in line for the Big, Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens.  He was quite the flirt, even at 5.

Then there was the time he told his Spanish teacher in first grade that she should learn how to speak English because she lives in America.  Of course, this may bring a chuckle to some but he learned a valuable lesson that day — the teacher actually knows several different languages.

One time when I was out of the house on a Saturday morning Caleb decided he wanted to go visit the neighbor girl — about five years his senior.  My husband didn’t hear him open the front door but moments later when the doorbell rang there stood Caleb in his pajamas, outside the front door with the neighbor.

My husband laughs about the time he took Caleb to an indoor pool near our house and Caleb tried to wolf whistle at some young girls.

Then last year when he found out his ABA therapist had gotten engaged (she’s a very beautiful young lady), he was jealous … which was a little amusing.

A couple of weeks ago it started to snow a little bit when he was at chess club.  One of the boys was grumbling about how it wouldn’t snow very much.  Caleb told him, “I asked God to make it snow.  Now we just have to trust him because he will make it snow.”  And then when he was playing Minecraft and he built a cross.

The most recent memory I likely won’t forget was getting a call from the principal at his school to tell me that he’d been caught throwing his supplements in the trash at school — did I mention that he’s sneaky?  Apparently the janitor had been finding supplements in the trash for a few weeks.  He was hiding them in his backpack, taking them to school and ditching them so he wouldn’t have to take them.

So, today we celebrate the birthday of Caleb.  We are thankful for spending the last 12 years with him.


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