Case of the Stinky Brussels Sprouts

Pork roast was a normal Sunday dinner in our house when I was growing up.  My Mom would cook it with sauerkraut and serve with “gluey” mashed potatoes.  Just sitting here as I write this it makes my mouth water.

This summer when I was home my Mom cooked a pork roast and my daughter really liked it, so I decided to give it a try.  I cooked pork tenderloins quite frequently but I’d only cooked a pork butt roast once or twice.  My daughter likes pulled pork and thus her delight at my Mom’s pork roast made me decide to give it a whirl when I got back home. 

I ordered a small roast from the local farm where we get our meat, Fields of Athenry Farm.  Then I called my Mom on instructions for cooking because I knew she put it in the oven straight out of the freezer and a few hours later the flavors were tantalizing our taste buds.

So a couple of weeks ago as I was roaming around Wegman’s, I happened upon shaved Brussels Sprouts which gave me an idea.  After all, I heard that bacon and Brussels Sprouts were quite yummy and since pork roast was on the dinner menu that night perhaps I could throw these in and try something new.


Now, I’ve been married to my husband for nearly 20 years and in all that time I’ve never been able to cajole him into trying Brussels Sprouts.  And, my husband loves bacon and most other pork products so maybe by cooking them in with the pork roast I could get him to eat them.

Well, he came home from work and the house was smelling like … well … Brussels Sprouts.  And unfortunately they do not have a pleasant smell — no matter how good they taste.  So not only could I not persuade him to try them, but he told me not to cook them in the house again.

Now, I’m sure that if I told my husband that Brussels Sprouts are one of the foods mentioned to retard cancer, according to my friends over at the Heal Thyself! website, that he’ll want to eat them every night … NOT!

Those Brussels Sprouts sure tasted good.  But, the smell lingered into the next day and I had to run my Young Living essential oil diffuser for quite awhile before the odor of those little cabbages disappeared all together.

And as I get ready to post this my husband wants to know if I’m asking anyone how to cook Brussels Sprouts without making the house smell like ass.  He says he thinks the answer is just to not cook Brussels Sprouts. 

I welcome your words of wisdom.



  1. welcome to the blogging world! 🙂 i’ll spread the news on my fan page. -m

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